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Totally Horses

 (757) 546-0009

237 S. Battlefield Blvd Suite 17-C
Chesapeake, VA 23322-5231

How To Send Blankets and Accessories

Just go to our contact page, once we receive the information we will be glad to send you a package with easy instructions and bag(s) with a FedEx return label.

After you place your blankets in the bag and fill out form you will tape up your bag and put label on top, Just call Fedex to pick up. No more running around to find a drop off place! We will call when get your package!


Laundry Prices include not only the spotless wash but the complete detailing of your blankets. They will be virtually hair free and look almost like new. They are professionally folded and put in storage bags for the next  season!  Seeing is believing!

Prices: For Wash

  •  $30.00 includes heavy, medium 
  •  $5.00 hoods
  • $20.00 Light Weight 
  • $5.00 hoods

  • $25.00 Fleese or Wool Blankets
  • Repairs are charged Accordingly 


Other services

WaterProofing • $20

Hoods $5.00

English  Pads • $12.00
Western Pads • $20.00

Everything is line dried ~ We are not responsible for shrinkage

Please Do Not send blankets already washed or wet! ~ Due to health reasons we will have to wash them.


Dirty Blanket Clean Blanket

Why you should clean your blankets?

The ammonia's found in urine and manure act like acid on fabric, greatly reducing the strength and life of the garment, thus making it easier for horses to rip. The worst thing that many people do is store dirty blankets for the summer. The sun and heat will bake those ammonia's into the blanket, leaving permanent stains and weakening the fabric. When you are ready to store your blankets for the summer, please make certain to clean them first! Regular cleaning helps insure a healthy environment and extends the life of your expensive blankets, pads, and other gear.

Horse Blanket Drop Off Locations

                                  Totally Dogs 
                             417 Caratoke Hwy
                            Moyock, NC 27958
                              (252) 435-1577

                              St. Brides Feed
                           356 St. Brides Rd. E.
                         Chesapeake, VA 23322
                               (757) 421-7955
                          Totally Horses
                    237 S. Battlefield Blvd,
                    Chesapeake, VA   23322              
                          (757) 546-0009

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a drop off location!  (757) 546-0009

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