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Horse Blanket WashingRepair

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Totally Horses 
Located in Chesapeake
Virginia. We offer quality horse blanket washing and repair. We also wash saddle pads, shipping boots, polo wraps, dog beds, and more! We wash horse blankets all over the United States!

 Our services include pick up and delivery in our local areas. 

If you want to send us your horse blankets just email or give us a call.

We will send out a package with a plastic bag, invoice sheet, and Fedex return label.

You will fold up your blankets and put them in the bag, fill out invoice sheet, also cut bag down to size and tape it, put label on bag, and call Fedex to pick your bag up. We made it Simple!

 You will be happy with our horse blanket washing and repair service. We will call you when we receive your blankets!


        Blanket Leg Straps          

Replacement Heavy Duty Blanket Leg Straps

     Made by Totally Horses sold by the pair.    

                  $14.99 per pair + shipping                   



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Winter hours: Monday~Wednesday~Friday


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